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Silicone Watch Band

Silicone Watch Band

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Performance tested, the Naztech Silicone Watch Band is guaranteed to withstand the stress of all forms of sport and exercise, while the soft-touch silicone strap is designed to embrace comfort and style.

The Naztech Silicone Watch Band is sleek and sporty, durable and lightweight, sweat- and waterproof and can go from a hard workout to a night out. The strap feels luxuriously smooth and fits comfortably on the wrist thanks to a stainless-steel pin closure. These interchangeable straps are available in multiple colours, so they can easily be mixed and matched to express any style.

Soft-Touch Silicone

Crafted from the highest-grade silicone for maximum strength, not only is the strap incredibly smooth and soft, it’s also sweatproof and waterproof. Unlike nylon, mesh, or leather straps, this sporty silicone can be rinsed off quickly after a hard workout and cleaned regularly if needed.

Comfortable & Fully Adjustable

Each strap designed with a marine-grade 316L stainless steel pin closure which is easy to put on and even easier to adjust single-handed for a precise fit.


Unlike classic petroleum-based rubber which is full of chemicals, silicone is safe and hypoallergenic. Silicone’s in non-toxic, odor and stain resistant, making it an ideal material for wearables that make direct contact with skin.

All Day, Any Occasion

The streamlined and clean design pairs with any outfit for an everyday casual sleek and sporty look that adapts from the gym, to the office, to a night out.

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