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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Zagg Crystal Palace Case

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Zagg Crystal Palace Case

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Experience the cutting-edge innovation of ZAGG with the Crystal Palace case. Engineered to perfection, this case offers the best of both worlds: crystal clear finishing with anti-yellowing treatment, an impressive 13 ft. drop protection, so your device will stay safe and stylish in any situation.

Extreme Strength

Graphene is one of the strongest and most conductive man-made materials on Earth. It is harder than a diamond, yet more elastic than rubber, and up to 200x stronger than steel.

Leading innovators in aviation, aerospace, professional sports equipment, and military gear have already embraced the potential of Graphene. Now, ZAGG is bringing this technology to protect your device.

  • Ultra slim
  • Protected with Graphene technology
  • 13ft/4m drop protection
  • Anti-yellowing treatment
  • Enhanced grip
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Contains up to 78% of recycled content
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