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Samsung Galaxy A71: Clear Case

Samsung Galaxy A71: Clear Case

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The TUFF8 case is designed to fit your phone to perfection. It's rugged style and reinforced shockproof layer will protect your phone against all accidental drops and scratches. Our clear body design will allow you to appreciate the look of your phone and you will never get bored of this case.

  • Extremely durable and provides a comfortable grip, it's the rugged protection your phone needs
  • Unique design allows easy access to all controls and ports without having to remove the case
  • Equipped with rugged shock-proof material and reinforced with impact-resisting edges, this case will be the first line of defense against drops
  • Designated Cut-outs for buttons make it easy to use them with the case on the phone
  • TUFF8 is a superior quality build. All cases have been tempered and UV treated, which means the case will not turn yellow with regular use and exposure to the changing weather
  • Admire the beauty of your phone with the transparent TUFF8 case, while providing it the perfectly rugged protection
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