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Smart Roller Wireless Charging Car Mount

Smart Roller Wireless Charging Car Mount

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Simply press roller set button once to set the spring loaded phone rollers to fit your device.

One handed device placement as the smart rollers rock to secure your device.

Charger works with all wireless charging enabled Apple & Android devices.

Fast charging mode: Allows compatible devices to charge quickly

Smart roller locking: Set once, and simply set and go for every trip!

Suitable for all mobile phones: 3.5"- 6.5" (8.89cm - 16.51cm)

Swiveling base: Adjust the viewing angle as needed to comfortably view your device

Articulating dash mount: Can be extended for comfortable viewing in any vehicle

Easy vent clip: Allows for convenient and secure mounting to all car air vent types

Heat and cold resistant: Built for temperature changes between summer and winter

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