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Video Monitoring

Keep an eye on what matters most with real-time video surveillance footage at your fingertips.

The envy of all your neighbours, with Security video monitoring you’ll truly know if the kids are actually doing their homework, see just how out of control your family’s online shopping addiction is and get a head start when it’s time to hide when the doorbell rings.

If know-all and see-all superpowers from smart home security video monitoring aren’t enough, the cool factor of customized video alerts and notifications, automatic responses to security settings being breached and daily video clips right to your phone should do the trick! Get a FREE Video Monitoring Quote

We know you’ve got to do your research, so let us help you fully understand the ins and outs of Security smart video surveillance features. App

Front door Management

Keep track of who is coming and going from your home with a touchless video doorbell that allows remote view access. A hands-free, energy-free, safety-guaranteed approach to seeing who rings the doorbell, talking to visitors without having to get up or be home and unlocking and locking the front door for packages to be securely delivered inside.

video doorbell

Smart Auto-Security

Stop intruders in their tracks before any damage is done with smart security video analytics that trigger automatic light responses to deter trespassers by signifying that you are home and seeing what’s up. And the best part, you’ll wake up refreshed and protected knowing you didn’t even have to wake up or get up to do thing.

Video Analytics

Security Cameras

Your days of fuzzy black and white footage are long gone. Security video surveillance cameras provide imaging so clear and in such high quality that you can post videos to your Facebook story and have the whole neighbourhood on the lookout. Our security cameras give even your cell phone camera a run for its money complete with HD quality, night vision infrared thermal imaging and consistently added updates to keep your cameras up-to-date for longer.

video monitoring