iPhone 6 Plus Repair

iPhone 6 Plus Repair

iPhone 6 Plus Repair

iPhone 6 Plus Repair

As an Apple Authorized Service Provider, we can get your phone back quickly, and with genuine Apple parts. And if you break your phone, your manufacturer’s warranty remains valid. Skip the wait by booking your appointment in advance.

Screen Repair

Cost with AppleCare+: $39.00

Cost without AppleCare+: $195.00

Our team of Apple Authorized experts will fix your iPhone’s cracks, chips and blemishes.

Screen repair for this model must be sent to Apple and will require a longer wait time.

Battery Replacement

Cost: $95.00

Our Apple Authorized service team has the power to restore your iPhone’s power.

Speaker Repair

Cost: $79.00

Issues hearing on your phone? Our amped up Apple Authorized team will restore the sound on your iPhone.

Camera Repair

Cost: $89.00

Our Apple Authorized team will get the camera on your iPhone back to picture perfect.

Backup Transfer

Cost: $40.00

Our Apple Authorized experts will put the data from your iPhone where you need it to be.

Liquid Damage

Cost with AppleCare+: $129.00

Cost without AppleCare+: $429.00

Accidents happen, and our Apple Authorized experts do what they can to dry out your iPhone.

Something else?

Not sure what’s going on? Book a free diagnostic with an Apple Authorized expert.

Please note, any damage to the rear glass of your device may result in a full unit replacement.


If you purchased AppleCare+

  • No charge for manufacture issues (if no signs of physical or liquid damage) including earphones and accessories
  • Coverage for up to two incidents of accidental damage, subject to a service fee of $39 for screen repair only or $129 for any other damage, plus applicable tax