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Unexpected Activity

Is Your Family Full of Surprises? Security Has You Covered.

Life is full of surprises when you’re a parent. Some are welcome, and others, not so much. has launched Unexpected Activity notifications to protect your and your kids from bad ideas that seemed good at the time. By learning your everyday behaviour patterns and letting you know when something doesn’t seem right, our intelligent, proactive protection powered by our Insights Engine looks out for your family.

Unexpected Activity notifications

This new smart home feature works proactively as part of the smart home security platform that powers your home, so you don’t need to set it up. However, you can train it with simple ‘useful / not useful’ feedback, so that the Insights Engine adapts to what you find helpful.

Unexpected Activity notifications

Unusual Activity notifications can be triggered by all sorts of sensors in your home, including contact sensors on doors and windows or motion sensors that you’ve placed in dangerous areas or forbidden areas, such as external doors, the laundry area, the medicine cabinet, the top of the stairs, or the door to the garage.