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Simplify Your Routine

Simplify Your Day, Your Way

There’s no place like home. Because we spend a large majority of our time at home, it’s important that it reflects your personality and that it is customized specifically for you, both in terms of how it feels and how it behaves.

Imagine if your home knew your favourite comfort and security settings for every activity: working, entertaining, eating, and sleeping. How you prefer your lights off and temperature lowered at bedtime and how you handle your security routine when you wake up. Now, imagine it all happening on your command. Cue Scenes.

Set the scene for when you wake up, leave the house, go to bed, or any other customized moments you envision by setting up your preferences followed by the tap of a button or voice command.

You can save time all day, your way by creating custom Scenes throughout your home because Security, powered by, connects your security, lights, locks, thermostat, and more into a single system.


Your security routine, simplified

Every time you leave the house, you run through your mental checklist to make sure you didn’t forget something. Did you close the garage door? Did you lock your front door? Did you arm your security system? Why not let your preset ‘Away Scene’ take care of it. Tap your app once to have your garage close, front door lock, and security system arm itself.

Simplify your security routine