Exclusively at Jump.ca: 

Get a FREE Smart Home with the purchase of a new Smart Phone 

Exclusively at Jump.ca: 

Get a FREE Smart Home with the purchase of a new Smart Phone 

Value: $2400 

Control your entire home from your phone. Adjust the heat, lock the doors, hit the lights. Seamless integration means you can easily manage it all. 

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What's included:

Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector

When a fire or carbon monoxide leak occurs, toxic fumes spread faster when your heat or AC is running. Alarm.com stops this by pausing your thermostat automatically when the alarm sounds. Learn more

Security Sensors for 3 Windows or Doors

When a burglar targets your property, your security system is there to protect you. But what happens when they target the security system itself? Learn more

3 Smart Switches or Plugs

There’s no place like home. Because we spend a large majority of our time at home, it’s important that it reflects your personality and that it is customized specifically for you, both in terms of how it feels and how it behaves. Learn more

Smart Door Lock

Is Your Family Full of Surprises? Jump.ca Security Has You Covered. Life is full of surprises when you’re a parent. Some are welcome, and others, not so much. Learn more

Doorbell Camera

Imagine a life where you always knew who was coming and going from your home, could see who was at the door without having to get up, and could unlock and lock your door for deliveries even when you’re not home. Learn more

Motion Detector

Stay safe with Alarm.com-powered Wellness solution, which intelligently monitors activity using motion detection. Learn more

7” Touchscreen Control Panel

Control it all from one spot with an easy-to-use 7” Touchscreen Control Panel. Learn more

Smart Thermostat

We know you’re not trying to heat the whole neighbourhood, so let us help you gain full control over the temperature in your home and your energy bill. Learn more

Powering the Smart Home

Connect your security, lights, locks, thermostats, video and more — for seamless automation and control.

Explore our smart home to learn more.

Doorbell Camera
See who's at the door with live video and two-way voice. If you’re not home, you can speak to your visitor and even unlock the door for your trusted guests.
Smart Lock
Eliminate the need for keys with smart locks. Give each user their own lock code, remotely lock or unlock the door through your app, and get a notification whenever a user unlocks the door.
Security Panel
With a variety of panels to choose from, you can take advantage of features such as two-way voice for emergency response, and severe weather alerts that notify you if dangerous conditions are detected nearby. Alarm.com’s Crash & Smash technology ensures that your system will still work even if the panel is smashed.
Smart Thermostat
You can keep the family room comfortable on the weekend, make sure the nursery is exactly the right temperature at naptime, and have the whole house drop to a savings setting when nobody is there. The Smart Thermostat uses all the security sensors around the home so it can automatically respond to different conditions and activities.
Image Sensor
See what’s happening when motion is detected. The image sensor snaps a picture and sends it to you, so you’ll know what’s happening.
Smoke & CO Detectors
Protect your family with safeguards for dangerous conditions. In the event of fire, the system signals for emergency response. If carbon monoxide is detected, it shuts down the HVAC to limit the circulation.
Garage Door Control
Always forgetting to close the garage? Get an alert if the garage is left open, and close it from your app.
Video Camera
Keep an eye on what matters to you. Peek-in to watch live streaming video anytime, get video alerts if a specific activity occurs, and watch recorded clips – all from your app.
Outdoor Video Camera
Know what's going on outside your home without having to leave the couch. Weather-resistant, freeze-resistant and UV protected, with a wide field of view and night vision.
Temp Sensor
Add a temperature sensor to any room for added temperature optimization.
Water Sensor
Don’t let water leaks go undetected. Get alerts if a leak is detected and avoid potentially costly water damage.
Light Control
Manage lights with automatic schedules, and set rules to have lights automatically turn on in an alarm event for added visibility and safety.
Window Sensor
Window sensors can notify you if a window is left open and communicate with your thermostat to help modify the temperature setting if left open for too long.
Note: Garage door and indoor/outdoor cameras are not included with the package. However, they may be substituted for other smarthome products.

Bundle & Save $5/mo.

Pay less by bundling other SaskTel services like Internet, maxTV, cell service or long distance.

Offer expires Dec. 31, 2022. Some restrictions apply. Valid with the purchase on a new phone on a 2-year voice & data contract. Offer can only be redeemed with the purchase of a SecurTek Automation Bundle on a 48-month contract. Only one offer may be redeemed per phone purchase. Offer holds no cash value and is non-transferable.