Comerco Protection Plan

This protection plan covers accidental liquid and physical damage, and extends the manufacturer’s warranty one additional year.

What it covers

  • Extra coverage for accidental damage due to handling caused by falls and liquid spills
  • Up to two repairs in case of breakage caused by accidental damage due to handling, each subject to a deductible.
  • Unlimited repairs in case of breakage due to manufacturing defects.
  • Repaired to the manufacturer's specifications
  • Credit equal to the value of the product, if replaced
  • Underwritten by a Canadian insurance company

How it works

All claims are handled through Comerco, a third party protection provider.

Making a claim

Customer can visit any location or call Comerco directly at 1-877-710-7378 to make a claim.

  • Customer pays applicable deductible.
  • Comerco will email the customer a prepaid shipping label.
  • Customers will ship their phone to an authorized repair centre.
  • Comerco makes a claim assessment.


A $129 deductible will be charged for accidental damage claims under the Comerco Protection Plan.

More information

The plan must be purchased no later than the day sells and activates the device, providing the phone is inspected and in good working order.

  • The plan is transferable from one owner to the next with no charge.
  • The plan becomes effective following the expiration of the manufacturer’s combined parts and labour warranty, except for accidental damage from handling.
  • Accidental damage from handling coverage starts one day following the purchase of the plan.
  • The plan does not cover loss or theft of the product.
  • If no fault is found or if the repairs are rejected by Comerco, the holder will have to reimburse any and all incurred costs without which the benefits of the plan will be suspended until said payment is received. The duration of the plan will by no means be extended in the event that a suspension of benefits occurs.