Operational Insights & Awareness

Operational Insights and Awareness

Not only does Jump.ca Security keep track of activity in and around your business 24/7, but alerts and custom activity reports provide a new level of remote awareness to help managers make informed business decisions and stay on top of operations.

Activity alerts

Setup alerts that are customized for your business. Know if a door is left open, the power goes out, or a freezer temperature is out of a specified range.

Operational Reporting

Schedule Jump.ca Security business activity reports to be automatically emailed to managers or retrieve them instantly from the mobile app or website so that you can keep up to date on actionable intelligence, including peak traffic times, alarms and system issues, and property activity.

Operational reporting

Investigations made easy

Investigate events or trends you see by retrieving associated video clips and user code logs for up to a year. Jump.ca Security’s filtered activity searches make it effortless to perform accurate investigations or audits.

Detect unusual activity

Jump.ca Security’s machine learning algorithm monitors your daily operations and identifies unusual activity. Know when some strange happens by setting up an Unexpected Activity alert.

Detect unusual activity