Wireless Device Protection Plan

The Wireless Device Protection Plan provides insurance and extended warranty for lost, stolen, and damaged wireless devices.

What it covers

This protection plan has two components to it.

  1. The Insurance component will cover: Lost, stolen, and accidentally damaged devices.
  2. The Extended Warranty component will cover: Electrical/mechanical, and malfunction.

Making a claim

  • In the event that your wireless device is accidentally damaged, lost, stolen, or malfunctioning, you can file a claim by calling 1-877-412-5186 or by visiting sasktel. brightstarprotect.com. Report the incident as soon as possible, and be prepared to provide proof of loss, and / or ownership. Claims reported more than 60 days from the incident may not be approved.
  • If your wireless device is lost or stolen, call us to suspend your service and protect yourself against unauthorized use of your account. We suggest filing a police report if your device was stolen.
  • Once your claim has been approved, simply pay the deductible by credit card ranging from $75 to $200. A replacement device will be shipped directly to you within 1-5 business days.

Pricing and Fees

Customers subscribing to the Wireless Device Protection Plan will be billed a monthly charge of $7, $9, $10, $12, or $14 on their Wireless Bill, depending on the make & model of the device receiving the coverage.

Device Retail Price Monthly Premium Replacement Deductible Repair Deductible
$0 - $449.99 $7 $75 N/A
$450 - $699.99 $9 $150 $50
$700 - $1499.99 $10 $200 $75
$1500 - $1999.99 $12 $300 $100
$2000 - $2500 $14 $400 $150

 More information

  • Cell phones, smartphones, and mobile Internet devices are eligible for coverage on the Wireless Device Protection Plan. In-box accessories (battery and standard wall charger) are covered; all other accessories are ineligible. Devices on Prepaid and devices on the Cellular Safety Plan are not eligible for coverage.
  • A valid credit card is required to pay the deductible to eSecuritel.
  • The extended warranty portion of this plan comes into effect AFTER the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Customers are not able to make a claim based on electrical, mechanical or malfunctioning reasons if the device is still within the manufacturer’s warranty period. Claims for these reasons will only be accepted once manufacturer’s warranty is over.
  • Replacement devices may be new or refurbished