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MacBook & iMac Repair

Did you know...

Getting your MacBook or iMac repaired by a non-authorized Apple Service Provider will void your manufactures warranty? By carrying original Apple parts, and our repair techs going through extensive Apple repair training, we guarantee your Macbook or iMac comes back to you as good as new!


Pre-Repair Data Backup $60.00 
Full System Diagnostic & Troubleshooting for Out of Warranty Units $120.00 
Liquid Damage Cleaning $120.00 
MacOS Update, Cleanup, Data Wipe, Firmware Restore $120.00 
Flat Rate Labour for Out of Warranty Repairs $150.00 
Note: prices above may differ based on model. Pricing will be provided after a diagnostic has been performed.

Unsure if you have Applecare+? Chat or call our representative to find out.

For all other issues, book an appointment or contact our Customer Care Centre to get a free diagnostic.

If you purchased AppleCare+

  • No charge for manufacture issues (if no signs of physical or liquid damage) including power adapter
  • Coverage for up to two incidents of accidental damage every 12 months, each subject to a service fee of $129 for screen repair or external enclosure damage, $379 for any other damage, plus applicable tax
  • Simply book an appointment and we'll get you back up and running