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Navigating iPhone Water Damage: Dispelling Myths

Smartphones are essential communication tools that have become an integral part of modern life. Most of us can’t imagine living without them! They offer a wide range of features, from storing personal memories to paying bills. If your iPhone falls in the water, it can be a major setback. 

Saving your phone and all the personal data on it becomes a priority. But what steps should you take to salvage your phone and the data it holds?

This guide aims to debunk iPhone water damage myths and let you know there are professional repair services through Jump.ca for Regina, Saskatoon, and Moose Jaw residents. So fear not! We’re here to help you through it.

Debunking myths about iPhone repair after water damage

There are many misconceptions on the internet about fixing iPhones damaged by water. Let's take a closer look at these myths and address them.

Burying in rice

Many people believe burying a water-damaged iPhone in rice can help to save it. However, this method isn’t as effective as it’s made out to be. Although rice has desiccant properties, it can’t effectively remove all the moisture that has seeped deep inside the electronic components of an iPhone.

This method often leaves residual moisture inside, which continues to damage the device over time. In fact, after twenty-four hours of being submerged in rice, only 13 percent of the water is removed from the phone. Moreover, grains of rice can get lodged in ports and jacks, leading to further complications.

The freezer method

When an iPhone is placed in a freezer, it cools down quickly. As a result, moisture from the air condenses on both the inside and outside of the phone. This can worsen any existing water damage and cause irreversible damage to the phone's internal components, making it even harder to recover.

No on the blow dryer too

Using a hairdryer to dry a water-damaged iPhone is a common but misguided technique. Direct heat can cause internal components to warp, melt adhesives that secure parts in place, and reduce the battery's performance. The intense heat may also discolour or crack the screen. Applying heat is a risky approach that can result in further, more severe damage than the initial water exposure.

What about isopropyl alcohol?

It may seem like a good idea to use rubbing alcohol to dry out a water-damaged iPhone because it evaporates faster than water, but this isn’t a safe solution. Isopropyl alcohol can dissolve the adhesives that hold the device's internal components together. It can also cause corrosion to sensitive electronic parts and damage the protective coatings on the circuitry, leading to further harm to the device. 

Therefore, we don’t recommend using isopropyl alcohol to clean or dry out a water-damaged iPhone. Come talk to us first and see how we can help without causing further damage to your phone like these self-fix options very well could. 

Charging the iPhone immediately

It’s strongly recommended to avoid charging an iPhone immediately after it has been exposed to water. When electricity is introduced to a wet device, it can cause short circuits that can result in permanent damage. 

The moisture inside the device creates a conductive path for electricity, which can lead to overheating, battery damage, or even cause the device to catch fire. To prevent such incidents, it’s crucial to make sure the device is completely dry and has been professionally assessed before attempting to charge it again. 

The facts on iPhone water damage

Apple’s policy for handling liquid-damaged iPhones typically involves whole unit replacement, as liquid can cause irreversible damage to internal connections. For devices under warranty or covered by AppleCare+, this is often the most straightforward solution. 

However, for out-of-warranty devices, Jump.ca offers a different approach. Our skilled technicians can open your device, dry it, clean it professionally, and replace any damaged parts, such as the display or battery. While this might serve as a temporary fix, we often recommend it as a bridge solution until you can upgrade your device.

Another technique involves using desiccant packets which is far more effective than rice in drawing out moisture, though it still may not address all issues caused by liquid exposure. Jump.ca strongly advises against self-repair attempts and instead suggests consulting with our professional technicians immediately following liquid exposure.

How Jump.ca can help

Prompt action is crucial in the aftermath of liquid damage. We encourage you to go to jump.ca/repair to schedule an appointment or visit one of our repair centres in Regina, Saskatoon, or Moose Jaw. Our experts are equipped to assess the damage and provide the best course of action, prioritizing the longevity and functionality of your device.

Preventative measures to avoid water damage

Prevention is always better than dealing with the aftermath of water damage. At Jump.ca, we understand how crucial it is to keep your device safe from unforeseen encounters with water. That's why we offer a wide range of accessories specifically designed to waterproof your device, including the highly regarded Otterbox Fre cases.

Otterbox Fre cases are engineered to provide your iPhone with robust protection against accidental liquid exposure, ensuring your device remains safe and functional regardless of the environment. Investing in waterproof accessories offers peace of mind and significantly reduces the likelihood of water damage. 

We offer a wide range of products that cater to different models and preferences, ensuring every iPhone user can find a solution that matches their lifestyle and needs. Our top priority is to ensure the protection of your device, which means you can enjoy your daily activities and adventures without worrying about water-related accidents.

We’re more than just iPhone repair

While today's focus has been primarily on iPhone repair, Jump.ca's expertise and services are not confined to Apple products alone. Our skilled technicians are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to address a wide array of smartphone repair needs, spanning various brands and models. 

Our commitment to offering high-quality, local repair services is comprehensive. For the best iPhone repair Regina has to offer, trust Jump.ca to fix your device quickly and efficiently! When your device takes a tumble, reach out to Jump.ca, the leading service for Apple repair Saskatoon locals turn to for help.

At Jump.ca, we understand the importance of your smartphone in your daily life, which is why we strive to deliver prompt and efficient repair services to get your device back to optimal condition. 

If you're facing issues with your smartphone, Jump.ca provides top-tier Apple repair Regina residents can rely on. Trust Jump.ca to restore your device's functionality and protect your digital life. Book a service appointment today.

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