Sense Mother Home & Family Monitoring System

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Mother is a family of incredibly smart sensors that you can set to monitor whatever you care about. It is like having tens of devices in just one elegant solution. Apps to help you feel better, gain peace of mind, know yourself and your environment, and make life easier. Mother will be able to help you in an increasing number of areas of your daily life. Select the App that meets your current needs and concerns. Mother and its sensors will seamlessly adapt. Not all concerns last a lifetime. Once your problem is solved, simply choose another App. Mother sensors are called Motion Cookies. Small and slick they can be affixed to almost anything. Using Smart Motion Technology™ they detect and analyze the specific movements of every activity. They can also measure temperature and detect the presence of people or objects at a defined location. Our needs constantly change. Some only last a few moments. You no longer need a specialized device to handle each one of your needs. Assign a new use to your Motion Cookie and it will seamlessly adapt to its new task. Start over as often as you feel the need. A single sensor, multiple uses. Have a couple of minutes to spare? Flip through the storybook that tells you your own story. Everything you asked Sense Mother to care about is in there. Check out the day's headlines. Sort out what deserves your attention and what is just normal or routine. Something catches your interest? Just touch it to explore it in full detail. Stay aware at all times, with useful information delivered through the right channel, at the right time. Push notifications on your smartphone Text messages / SMS* Email Phone calls* ** Sounds and lights on your Sense Mother The Senseriver of everything happening