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Universal Magnetic in Car Dash Mount

Universal Magnetic in Car Dash Mount

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The advanced design of this amazing magnetic car holder offers you a full 360 rotation, in both vertical and horizontal position while it can also be tilted. Keep an eye on your GPS or answer your calls hands-free, and drive with utmost safety. 

Thanks to its smart design, the Core 360 comes with a Tilting action. This ensures that no matter where you install this holder, your device will always be facing you for easier access. This helps focus on the road for a safer driving experience.

  • The Caseco Core 360 magnetic car mount is the perfect phone holder for your car.
  • It docks your devices to your dashboard in a snap.
  • Visible, accessible, and right where you need it.
  • 360 degree rotation with tilt view 30 degrees to either side.
  • Metal ring (non-magnetic) attaches to your phone or hard case.
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