Moto Mods to enhance your phone

With Moto Mods, your Z3 Play is more than just a phone: it’s a premium speaker, photo-printer, power charger and more. No need to restart your phone – just snap the Mods directly onto your Moto Z3 Play.

Smart camera for amazing photos

With the Moto Z3 Play, you can share your best moments instantly through Canada’s best national network.1 Its Smart Camera – with 12 MP and 5 MP dual autofocus lenses – lets you take stunning photos in a flash. Plus, with added features like beautification mode, background blur and enhanced layer editing, your creative side will bring out the best of any subject.

Bigger display without the bulky size

The precision-crafted, ultra-thin metal design on the Moto Z3 Play makes adding Moto Mods easy and bulk-free. Plus, a vivid 6” OLED display with minimal border and damage-resistant Gorilla Glass 5 lens creates a seamless experience.

Sensors that know it’s you

The side fingerprint sensor on the Moto Z3 Play responds to your touch instantly. Unlock your phone and use easy authentication for online banking, mobile payments and in-store purchases – all without interrupting your beautiful, full-screen display.

Built-in intuitive features

Enhanced features that react to your actions and voice make using the Moto Z3 Play an incredible experience. Control many third-party applications and receive multiple responses through voice commands. Plus, the Moto Z3 Play is intuitive to you with three-finger gestures for quick screenshots, enhanced night display, and the ability to access and respond to notifications through the lock screen.