See More of What You Love

The virtually bezel-less 5.45-inch screen mesmerizes you and makes you feel like part of every scene. With the vast entertainment space, be immersed every time you watch contents on your phone.

Battery That Keeps Up With You

Fuel up once for all-day power. 20% improvement from 8.9 hours to 10.7 hours playback when using the screen at full brightness. Now, maximize phone use without thinking about your charger.

Fun Shortcuts for Taking Selfies

A dash of excitement for selfie sessions. Hold the phone still for 1-second to trigger face recognition and take a selfie with Auto Shot. Use hand signals to take one perfect selfie or four in a row with Gesture Shot.

Selfies That Outshine All Others

The front-facing LED flash brightens up you and your surroundings with flattering light. It defies all blur, grain, and darkness for selfies that rival a rear camera shot.

Photography Made Effortless

Capturing moments is quicker than ever with Tap & Shoot. Simply tap the focal point to focus then tap again to take a picture. It's now easy and convenient to take great photos instantly.

Read to Withstand

Prepared for every situation. Go about your day in confidence with military-grade durability. The phone's MIL-STD-810G certification proves it can keep up with you.