Upgrading At Jump.ca Is Easy!

We understand that changing your device can be a hassle, so we are here to help. From contacts and photos, to making sure you can access your banking app, we will make the transition from your old device seamless!

  • Update Your Operating System

    Many users are operating with outdated operating systems,
    and new devices are shipped with the most recent operating system version. Both devices need to have
    matching versions for the data to transfer properly. We’ll handle that for you.

  • Backup Your Data

    Data backups occur automatically as part of the updating process, but we will
    work to ensure your most valuable data is backed up. We prefer to backup to the device manufacturer’s cloud service, but can backup data to specialized terminals in store if needed.

  • Transfer Your Data

    This process takes about a minute per GB of data stored, so it takes some time. And there can be questions and snags along the way. We’ll get those questions answered and keep the
    process moving.

  • Set Up Your New Device

    We’ll work with you to get your device set up even better than your last one.

  • Log You Back In

    We’ll make sure your email, app store, wallet and favourite apps are all up and running.

  • Get You Connected

    We’ll even get you connected to your wearables, vehicle, audio and accessories.

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Ready For Your Easy Upgrade?

We have retail locations across Saskatchewan. Make your next device upgrade easy, seamless, and get up and running with help from our customer care experts. Find a store near you!

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You can shop online too!

Upgrade your device anytime, anywhere. If you ever need online store help, just click that chat button in the bottom corner of the screen. We are happy to help wherever you are!