Basic/Cellular Bundle

Connect your home’s protective measures to your phone so you can feel safe at home, even when you’re out. The Basic Bundle requires a home phone. The Cellular Bundle doesn’t.

Save $5 off your monthly bill when you bundle with other SaskTel services. (Internet, maxTV, Cellular, or unlimited long distance)

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Smoke & Fire Detection

If a fire breaks out, your smoke/heat detector will immediately send a signal to our monitoring station. We’ll alert your local fire department right away so you can focus on getting to safety.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

You won’t notice Carbon Monoxide until it’s too late. Our CO sensors will alert you and our monitoring station the minute trace gas is picked up.

Water & Flood Protection

Early detection can mean the difference between a minor leak and a major problem. We’ll place water sensors near your washing machine, hot water heater and other key areas so you’ll be alerted at the first sign of trouble.

SecurTek on the Go

No landline? No worries! With our cellular bundle, you’ll have full cellular connectivity and access.