Automation Bundle

With the Automation Bundle, you’re one click away from worry-free. It’s everything in the Interactive Bundle, and the ability to take your home from secure to smart.

Save $5 off your monthly bill when you bundle with other SaskTel services. (Internet, maxTV, Cellular, or unlimited long distance)

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Smart Locks

Stop losing your keys. Lock and unlock your doors with your smartphone. You can also get notified every time a door is unlocked so you can see who’s doing it.

Smart Thermostat

Keep your heating bills under control and yourself from getting out of bed on cold nights to turn up the heat. With a smart thermostat, the ideal temperature is at your fingertips. Reduce energy use while you’re out and walk into comfort when you get back.

Lighting Control

Set the mood with your smartphone or automate your lights to suit your schedule. Smart bulbs, switches and power outlets add a level of security by making empty houses look like someone’s home. There’s a bright idea.

Garage Door Control

Open and close your garage door from anywhere with your smartphone. You can also receive notifications if your garage door is open when it shouldn’t be.

Doorbell Camera

See who’s on your doorstep with the Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera. The two-way voice function lets you lock, unlock, and talk to your visitor from anywhere.

Video Analytics

Enhance perimeter security and property monitoring with smart video alerts. Video analytics can distinguish people, animals and vehicles, and alert you to suspicious or unwanted behaviour like a lingerer at your door or your dog on the sofa.


Take your home automation one step further with GPS tracking technology. Paired with the geofencing feature in your smart home, your phone becomes a trigger. If you leave with it, the thermostat can automatically turn down. When you return with it at night, the porch light can automatically turn on. App

Control your whole home from a single screen. Whether you’re at work, on vacation or just relaxing in front of the TV,’s mobile app puts your home’s security, access and comfort at your fingertips. Secure your home, dim the lights, view alerts, watch live video and even answer the door with just a few clicks on your mobile device or tablet.