Internet Add-ons

If you are interested in any of the following, please contact our Customer Care Centre at 310-JUMP (5867).



Create a wired or wireless network for every computer and connected device in your home or small office. Plus you can share documents and printers among devices. All with a single High Speed Internet connection!

Static IP Package   

Want to host your own server? If you're a serious gamer, or want to host your own web or email server, replace your dynamic IP addresses with static IP addresses.

Starting at


Dial-up Internet   

Dial-up internet service provides access to the internet and e-mail through your SaskTel telephone line - with no long distance charges! Choose from several service plans based on your level of use. email

Get up to 10 free email addresses when you subscribe to our High Speed Internet, Dial-Up, or maxTVTM service. Open your emails, contacts, and calendar via Webmail 6.

Email custom domain   

Match your email address with your website or business name! Get our Email Custom Domain service and pair your registered custom domain name with your email accounts.

10 email addresses