Live in a rural area or have a cabin in need of high speed internet? High Speed Fusion Internet will give you the speed you need.

Enjoy your favorite shows on Netflix or video chat your friends with ease.

For a limited time only, sign-up for Fusion right now and get basic installation for only
(valued at $399.99).

Equipment cost: $250

Fusion financing available

Fusion financing
New & existing customers can purchase Fusion interNET equipment and/or installation over two years, which allows them to make low monthly payments rather than paying the full price of their equipment up front. The contract term remains monthly even when adding Fusion financing. Activation fees and service fees are not eligible for financing. Fusion interNET financing is billed on the wireless bill. Monthly payments range from $2.50 to $75.00. Customers who qualify can finance up to $1500 of their purchase.

Terms & Conditions:
Available for Consumer customers located within the serving area of a High Speed Fusion tower. Must NOT reside in a DSL serving area. Free Installation covers basic installation ONLY. Any work required beyond a basic installation – tower climbing, bucket trucks, trenching, etc – will be determined by the Dealer and the customer will be advised of any extra charges before work is complete.