Craft Collection Artisan Cases
Craft Collection Artisan Cases is proud to launch the Craft Collection, featuring one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted cases from three Canadian designers:

Shop the Craft Collection at Regina stores in the Cornwall Centre and on Quance St. and locations in the Midtown Plaza, Preston Crossing and Centre Mall in Saskatoon.


Justine M. Schlosser is a Saskatchewan born artist and designer with global ambitions.

She's a graduate of Ryerson University, with a bachelors degree in Interior Design along with past studies at Manchester Metropolitan University and Lethbridge College. Justine continues to space plan, select finishes, colour palettes and create designs with clients ranging from small residential to commercial scale projects and every budget in between.

In 2015, she "made it happen" and pursued her passions by founding Justine Marie Studios (JMS), offering interior design services, interior styling and custom abstract art. But it didn’t stop there. JMS has since created home décor, clothing, accessories, stationary and more, all based on her original art.

Not only was this brand created from one-of-a-kind art, it’s so proud of it’s prairie roots that many products are locally designed, hand signed or stamped with the JMS signature!

When you purchase a JMS piece, you receive a beautiful yet chic stamp of creativity that can be displayed on your wall, styled on your sofa or carried with you on the go.

JMS believes in inspiring others to follow their dreams and share their talents with the world.


UNIIQ was officially launched in 2018. As a Canadian based artistic company, UNIIQ is a platform to help expand the accessibility of art to all people. With our mobile phone cases, the goal is to give people of all ages, regardless of their economic level, an opportunity to own an original piece of art. More importantly, we want to help promote local artists by providing a new way to showcase their art. We believe that art is a big part of what keeps our society civilized and we believe that art has the power to enrich all of our lives.


RACHELLE LAPOINTE | Co-Founder & Artist

Rachelle was born an artist. Drawing and painting have always been essential to her existence. She has been expressing herself in visual mediums for as long as she remembers. Rachelle strives for her work to provoke a visceral, emotional feeling in the viewer, whether pleasant or not. Each of her paintings comes from an experiential place in its creation. So much so, that she finds herself rediscovering her works inspiration with time passed. Through her art, Rachelle has found the courage to express the feelings that sometimes her words cannot. It is a vulnerable expression of her soul. It is her authentic self on canvas.

*Rachelle has been exhibiting and selling her work for the last 30 years with collectors in Canada, the United States, and Europe.*


Alannah Tassone was born and raised in Dundas, Ontario, and now currently resides in the city of Toronto. Alannah is a self-taught abstract artist whose chosen mediums have varied over the years. She has worked form large scale wood panels to small canvases used for UNIIQ, from resin and fluid acrylics to oils. Her colour palate is often bold, bright and expressive—with metallic gold hues and visible brush strokes. Working with different mediums has allowed this artist to challenge her abilities while creating a platform for design and flourishing growth.

Creating for Alannah is a spiritual practice that allows her to follow her intuition, in hopes of creating art that gives her viewers a grounding space for conversation and reflection.

“Producing works of art was my attempt at exposing myself, sharing my thoughts, feelings, and ideas with whomever was willing to listen and see. My paintings are like unspoken poems. They are fluid, loud and full of soul. Discovering this love affair was like discovering myself—my true purpose, or passion.”


Hailing from The Junction in Toronto’s west end, Jacob is a proudly queer, freelance artist. With a focus on acrylic-on-canvas, he has been working professionally for nearly ten years, producing commissioned work for clients using various mediums. Inspired by the bright colours and nostalgia from the ’90s, Jacob is absolutely thrilled to be lending his signature style of design to UNIIQ.


Born and raised in Vancouver BC, I was immersed into the world of flowers from a young age. My mother, an avid gardener, instilled an endless appreciation for such beautiful creatures within me. JUST B SMILING was born in the summer of 2015, out of a tiny storage closet in my apartment. Today, JBS is designed out of my home studio, in East Vancouver, where I still create endless phone cases, art for your walls & one of a kind stationary for your wedding day. My goal is to create pieces that inspire you; I hope that you love them just as much as I love making them for you. The florals and greens used in our designs are gathered from my garden + Vancouver locals florists. Our cases are one of a kind, each one unique. I love the idea of you having your very own florals at your fingertips. I stock in single quantities.
xx Britt

Care Information:
+ that's why you're unique! But please, try and avoid the messy liquids of life that may affect your precious piece. Bubbles in resin (for iPhone cases) are natural and occur during our process.

Allow for tiny imperfections, I believe that's what makes your piece unique. Truth be told, I’ve got HIGH standards - I would never sell you something I wouldn’t use myself.

I see your true colours shining through + that's why I love you. The colours of your flowers may change with time, but that's the beauty of something real.

The gift tag is made from seed paper. Seed paper is eco-friendly paper, made with post-consumer materials, ah yes! Each tag is embedded with wildflower seeds so you can grow your own little beauties.

The gift tags have a two year shelf life, phewf. Plant it next sunny season!

Think of your iPhone case like your BFF. We log a lot of hours with the BFF cuz we love her so much. Just like your BFF you log a lot of hours with your phone. Ok, let's be real, like 24-7. Because, we're exposing our cases to the whirlwind of our daily lives the case will weather with time. All cases are resilient; but treat your babe like you would treat all the other babes in your life, with the most love + care.