Wiggy Piggy - Bluetooth Piggybank

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Making Chores Fun For Kids and Easy For Parents! Wiggy is a Bluetooth connected Piggybank that makes it easy to Set Tasks, Goals, and Sends Funds while teaching kids to learn how to earn money.


Do you have trouble getting your kids to do finish tasks? Not with Wiggy. Wiggy is a piggybank that helps kids LEARN TO EARN and have fun doing it.
Set Tasks

HAVE FUN with your kids creating daily TASKS for them to accomplish. Wiggy will SHAKE, LIGHT-UP and SPEAK the tasks aloud to your child.
Complete Tasks

As your child completes TASKS they will earn MONEY towards their savings.
Approve and Send Funds

Pending Task Approval the app will ask for a PARENT PASSWORD for funds to be transferred. Once approved, funds will be transferred automatically and Wiggy will speak the total balance every time funds are added.